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Course Code Course Title Course Duration Eligibility Courses Fee
Per Month
Courses Fee
US $
FITHM-016 Food and Beverage Management  01 Year Intermediate & Above

PKR 7000

First Month Fee 15000

$ 1000

Course Contents »


Knowledge Unit 1

Tourism & You

Knowledge Unit 2

Personal Hygiene for Food Handlers

Knowledge Unit 3

Basic Hygiene

Task Unit 1

Cleaning the Kitchen & Equipment and Preparing for work

Knowledge Unit 4

Culinary Terms

Task Unit 2

Knife Skills

Task Unit 3

Washing & balancing Food

Knowledge Unit 5

Kitchen Management

Task Unit 4

Storing Food

Knowledge Unit 6

Pest Control

Task Unit 5

Decorating Food

Task Unit 6

Mixing Food

Task Unit 7

Preparing Stocks

Task Unit 8

Preparing Basic Hot Sauces

Task Unit 9

Preparing Clearing Sauces

Task Unit 10

Preparing Thickened Sauces

Task Unit 11

Preparing Basic Cold Sauces

Task Unit 12

Preparing Meat & Poultry Dishes

Task Unit 13

Preparing Fish & Shellfish Dishes

Task Unit 14

Preparing Eggs, Pasta, Rice, and Breakfast Dishes

Task Unit 15

Vegetable Preparation

Task Unit 16

Preparing Sandwiches

Task Unit 17

Cocktail Buffet and Appetizer preparation

Task Unit 18

Salad Preparation

Task Unit 19

Planning a Simple Menu for Lunch, Dinner (Three course for each) and Breakfast

Task Unit 20

Making Yeast Bread

Task Unit 21

Making Basic Pastry Types

Task Unit 22

Preparing Desserts

Task Unit 23

Preparing Hot and Cold Beverages

Knowledge Unit 7

Health & Safety

Task Unit24

Basic First Aid

Knowledge Unit 8

Caring for Customers

Task Unit 25

Closing – Down the Kitchen

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